Grade 9 Net Retreat


On the 14 of November, the grade nines of St. Joseph’s  high school are going on a retreat to the St. Francis Xavier parish hall. At the retreat they will take part in games, enjoy music, watch skits and a presentation. Student will have an opportunity to ask questions related to the topics at hand such as Christianity.

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Advent Mass

These candles are lit during during advent and represent hope, love, joy and peace.
On the November the sixth, all students of St. Joseph’s  are going to take part in advent mass, which will be held at St. Francis Xavier and we will be heading there on foot, and the school of  St. Thomas the Apostle will be attending with us. At this mass we will celebrate and acknowledge the coming  of Jesus. This mass also takes place on the memorial of St. Nick who was known to give gifts to the needy, which is an important message.

Our School’s Chapel

Our chapel is right next to “Student Services” and “Town Square”, it is at the heart of our building and our schools beliefs.

At St. Joseph’s High School, we have a special area, this place is our school chapel.
This chapel, is where mass is held every Thursday, but it is also used for important things like; Private prayer and communal prayer, meditation, liturgies of the word are present there and book of remembrance resides out side the chapel for the month of November

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All Souls Day



On the second of November we will commemorate all of our loved ones who have died. As a tradition at our school, the Book of Souls will be outside the chapel for the month of November. We encourage our staff and students to write the names of their deceased loved ones in the Book of Souls so that we can remember them in prayer. Since the 7th century and the early church, Christians have been prayed for those who have passed on November second

“Happy are those who have died in the Lord. Let them rest from their labours for their good deeds go with them”. – Revelation 14:13

Operation Christmas Child


Operation Christmas Child is underway at our school, and we need everyone to contribute to this great cause! Operation Christmas Child was created by Samaritans Purse to bring joy and demonstrate God’s love to children in need around the world. We have until the 20th of November to get together items for the shoe boxes, so they can get to the areas that need them in time for Christmas.

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Remembrance Day



On November 11, all of our school’s students are going to take part in the remembrance day service during second period to further acknowledge and respect those who gave and give their lives for Canada’s peace.

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Thursday Lunch Mass



Every Thursday during lunch, at 11:10 to 11:30, mass takes place in our school chapel. Weekly Mass has been taking place since mid September and will continue throughout the school year. Mass is organized by Mr. Dedo, and is led by Father Peter Do and Father Ryan Holly, they also have reconciliation before mass the chaplaincy office before mass takes place.
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